Exterior Brick Painting Toronto

Exterior brick painting in Toronto is one thing some homeowners don’t really give their attention to. While some care less about it and choose to leave their bricks to flaunt their default colors, others do not care about the fading color of their bricks. However, homeowners, who truly value their homes and the energy it gives off at a glance always put an exterior brick painting on their to-do lists.

If you own a painted brick and just started observing that the paint is fading and needs to be repainted, we’re your plug for perfect job execution. Likewise, if you’ve never done exterior brick painting, we suggest that you give it a stunning look that entices almost every eye. But then, you don’t just have to let anyone do this for you. You need a team that will help you select the ideal paint for your exterior brick painting in Toronto, do the necessary prep work, and deliver excellent painting services.

Once you notice the painting on your exterior blocks is beginning to flake, chalk, or get so dull, you need to refresh it. We’re here to take the hassle off your shoulder. Our team understands that painting your bricks goes beyond considering the decorative factors. We strive to deliver what appeals to the eyes, boost the value of your property, and exceed your expectations.

Address These Issues before Calling Exterior Home Painters in Toronto

Once you feel the need to hire an expert exterior brick painter, you need to consider some things and possibly address them. Efflorescence, which is a common white powdery substance on masonry surfaces, especially bricks, needs to be cleaned. In as much as it’s not a big issue, it shows excess moisture is in your bricks. So, if left unattended, it could damage the new painting easily.

It’s also common for the mortar used to join the bricks to deteriorate over time due to harsh weather conditions. It’s necessary to find the missing or faulty mortar and replace it. You might need a masonry professional to handle this as they are familiar with the right procedures and products.

In other cases, bricks might deteriorate. They appear like they are crumbling with cracks on their mortar. You might want to consider brick and mortar replacement, so your exterior brick looks well again before painting.

All Painting is your Best Choice for Exterior Brick Painting in Toronto

With the right painting products and painters, you can have great painted brick walls that offer you maintenance-free years of enjoyment. You’ll be sure that the next touch-up will take so long, and your bricks will always shine bright and appeal to almost everyone.

The process of sealing and priming before painting could fix minor moisture issues in your home. The fact remains that you can never undermine the benefits of exterior brick painting. If you own a home in Toronto, it’s time to paint your brick or refresh the existing color. Contact us today!