Exterior Brick Painting Toronto

At All Painting, we love painting brick. Painting brick can have dramatic results. Painting brick from the 1960s to 1990s could be the answer if it has lost its shine.

All Painting offers a complete range of exterior painting services and handyman work. Our exterior painting services are available in Toronto and the GTA.

In recent years, painting bricks has grown in popularity. Two main reasons are predominant. It can first bring uniformity into the home. Painting the siding of a house in a single color will make it appear larger. A lot of bricks from the 1960s to the 1990s look dated.

All Paintings will guide you through the entire process. We can first paint any bricks or concrete that needs to be painted. We can also paint and prep your home for years of enjoyment.

Brick Painting Services Professionals

The exterior of your residential or commercial painting property plays a major role in determining its value. All Painting can provide the best brick painting for your building, was painted previously, or if you like the look of painted walls. We are experts in residential and commercial brick paint jobs. This includes multi-family homes and new construction, historic properties and retail centers, industrial facilities, hospitality venues, universities and schools, and many more.

All Painting has a commitment to providing the best exterior brick painting services in Toronto and GTA. We use the best products in the industry and highly skilled residential painters to achieve this. We can tackle any project with our wide range of tools and equipment.

The Process

We follow a strict process to ensure that we deliver consistent results and always meet your expectations.

  1. Surface preparation, power cleaning, and cleaning
  2. The paint application, primer coating, and special coatings
  3. Final inspection

What paint is recommended for application on brick surfaces?

Working with brick can present challenges, especially when it comes to paint application. Brick, being a porous material, requires specialized primers to ensure a seamless finish. Primers designed for brick surfaces aid in creating a stable base for the application of any high-quality topcoat paint.

For a more natural aesthetic, consider using a limewash application. Limewash creates a distinctive look that enhances the natural texture of the bricks. Look for products specifically formulated for brick surfaces to ensure the best results for your project.

Some products offer a two-coat application system, consisting of a primer coat followed by a topcoat. This system helps in achieving a durable and long-lasting finish on the brick surfaces.

Unlike conventional paint, certain alternatives incorporate mineral components that closely resemble those naturally present on masonry surfaces. These specialized formulas not only safeguard the bricks and masonry but also allow the underlying surface to breathe, promoting longevity and structural integrity. Additionally, some alternatives are designed to be free of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly painting process. Such products often offer the flexibility to be custom-mixed to achieve a wide range of desired colors, providing ample creative freedom for your project.