Wallpaper Installation & Removal Toronto

All Painting offers a variety of painting and wallpaper removal services to residents in Toronto. We are the best option in the GTA if you’re looking for a reliable Toronto wallpaper installer.

You should be aware of our services before you hire us to remove or install your wallpaper.

Our Wallpaper Services

We can assist you with installing wallpaper, selecting wallpaper or removing existing wallpaper.
Our wallpaper removal contractors have many years of experience in this field. They are some of the best in the business. We are also experts at installing new wallpaper to make your home or business look beautiful.

Our services are delivered using an easy-to-navigate process. Our contractors will give you a quote based on your needs and what wallpaper you would like us to remove or install.

You’re in good hands if you choose us. No matter how big or small the wallpaper project is, we strive to provide industry-leading service.

You can choose a wallpaper that is non-toxic or environmentally friendly to make sure that it’s safe for you, your family, and your pets.
Our contractors are also experts in protecting the environment during the painting process. We will take all the necessary precautions to protect you and your family from paint fumes, wallpaper glue fumes, etc. (as long as they are kept away from the work area).


Our contractors service the Greater Toronto Area as well as Ontario in general. Our team can provide wallpaper removal in Toronto and wallpaper installation in the GTA.

We are proud to have the most friendly and efficient painters and contractors in the GTA. Our contractors are always on time and complete all jobs within budget. They also have a great understanding of customer service as well as wallpapering.

Communication is a strength of All Painting. Our team will keep you informed at every stage of the wallpaper removal or installation process. They’ll explain what needs to be done next, and how their current actions fit in with the overall process. Our customers want their workers to thrive, and our contractors want to do everything they can to make sure our customers are comfortable during the wallpapering procedure.

Our staff is also treated with respect and safety. Our staff is trained to safely apply and remove wallpaper. You won’t have to worry about an injury occurring while a contractor works on your property.

They will work with you on all your concerns, whether it’s protecting your home against paint or maintaining your daily schedule.

Our customers have given us positive reviews about all of our contractors. Many of our contractors have received repeat business from previous clients.

We will be grateful if you recommend one of our contractors as a contractor to a friend, family member, or colleague.

Wallpaper Removal Toronto

Just like you need an expert to install your wallpapers, you need an even more experienced interior painting professional to remove your wallpapers. Whether you want to remove wallpapers in preparation for a completely new installation or you want to add a fresh coat of paint, our team will help you. We can remove your previous or worn-out wallpaper, prime, and texture, and apply a fresh coat of paint on your wall if that’s what you want.

If you really want to get the best result, you have to take away wallpaper removal from your DIY chore list. Let us handle it, and we’ll deliver excellently from start to finish. We take time to understand how the old wallpaper was applied, how long it existed, and analyze if the wall was primed properly before the wallpaper was installed. In the end, we deliver beyond your thoughts. Kindly get in touch with us now! (416)-710-4224