About Us

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Transform your space with our expertise. We take pride in exceeding expectations and providing exceptional customer service on every project.

We’re at the forefront of the Ontario painting industry, combining innovative solutions with top-notch service to deliver exceptional results.

A Little About All Painting

All Painting is a Toronto-based and passionate painting company. We’re a brand that sits confidently on the top of the list when it comes to choosing painting companies that truly know the nitty-gritty of Toronto painting. Our brand is built on passion and commitment to delivering quality, aesthetic, and custom painting services. We offer a vast array of painting services that are sure to cover your needs for painting in Toronto, no matter your request. We offer exterior and interior painting services for commercial and residential buildings. So, when you work with us, you can rest assured that we’ll handle everything painting, from start to finish.

Based in Toronto, we stand tall as one of the best home painters that lighten up any space with only paints. Our dedication and commitment are second-to-none, and that makes us the hope for property owners in Toronto to get a less annoying painting experience. Whether you’re looking for experts that will handle your interior painting in Toronto or exterior painting projects, beckon us, and we’ll be at your service.

We Deliver Custom Home Painting Solutions in Toronto

Having successfully completed countless painting projects as individuals and as a team in Toronto and beyond, we’ve mastered one essential thing. Every property owner differs and has its unique painting needs. Often, they might not be able to detail what they need excellently, and it takes only an experienced team to understand their particular needs and tailor their services to make their dream come alive. This is what we do best! At All Painting Toronto, we customize our services, yet deliver quality speedily. We go far and above to ensure you get tailored painting services that prioritize your choice of paint, style, design, quality, and all you need.

Our Mission

At All Painting, our mission is simple. We aim to help you add colors to your building uniquely, whether commercial or residential. We’re on a mission to help you transform your property and revitalize your life by pulling up the aesthetics and color of your space. All Painting is poised to deliver 100% customer satisfaction in every project we handle. 


Our Vision

Our goal is to help any property owner in Toronto create the space they crave to have, with colors. We want to be a brand you run to even when all Toronto painters have failed you. We make this happen by using the best quality materials and housing the best and dexterous workers who capture your vision and depict it with colors.

At All Painting, all our customers feel very confident and are rest assured they are getting the best, and we don’t try to compromise on that. That’s why we don’t jump on any project. We take our time to understand your request, properly prepare the work area, and use the right equipment to ensure that each project is executed correctly. All Painting would be glad to handle all your painting needs in Toronto, kindly call on us today (416)-710-4224 to see why we’re the best