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Some Painters Transform The Sun Into A Yellow Spot, Others Transform The Yellow Spot Into The Sun.

– Pablo Picasso


You could have the best structure, but you’re leaving a lot undone when you fail to add the perfect and aesthetic coating. Getting the best painting services from a reliable painting company is a way to go if you truly value your property. If you’re a property owner and are looking for the most effective and fastest way to personalize your property, then you need to call us and get a free estimate. You could have the best structure, but you’re leaving a lot undone when you fail to add the perfect and aesthetic coating. Getting the best painting services from a reliable painting company is a way to go if you truly value your property. If you’re a property owner and are looking for the most effective and fastest way to personalize your property, then you need to call us and get a free estimate. All Painting is one of the best home painters in Toronto that delivers quality and definitive painting solutions. Whether you’re looking for muted, bright, elegant, or cheerful color combinations, our team will work with you to make it come alive. We specialize in making properties feel like homes. We make commercial properties feel even more like home.


We have over 20 years of hands-on experience in improving the designs, aesthetics, and value of homes through painting. Our painting process is always unique, and we respect workers’ compensation, that’s why experience painters crave to work with us. We’re a leading home painter who offers a wide range of painting services aimed at beautifying your building and properties with colors.


  • Business & Medical Offices
  • Daycares and Nurseries
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools
  • All Small and Large Businesses



Commercial Painters you can count on!

Interior and exterior painting on your commercial property can bring the spike your business structure needs. Everyone knows chipped, faded, or even cracked paint can be a turn-off for some clients who want your products or services.

Embarking on a painting project can add color to your building, and to make this happen, you need a commercial painting expert. All painting is a team of professional painters that understands the duty of a painting contractor and delivers expertly.

Whenever you feel the need to improve your commercial space’s value, add aesthetics, and make it cozy for your prospects, we’ll help you with interior and exterior painting services.

Commercial Painting – Interior

Whether you want to change the interior color or your renovated office needs to be painted, All painting can do it all. Our professional painters are able to handle the obstacles of the corporate environment and know how to do the paint job with minimum disruption of office activity. Our commercial interior painting services contain:

  • Interior wall painting
  • Drywall repairing
  • Cabinet painting
  • Wallpaper removal and refinishing
  • Popcorn ceiling painting, etc.

Commercial Painting – Exterior

The exterior part of your commercial building may fade away due to the paint becoming old or paint being peeled or renovated. To bring the new look to your corporate building, you need a trusted and professional painting contractor. All painting provides exterior painting service with utmost proficiency. Our exterior commercial painting service includes:

  • Brick painting
  • Wood surface painting
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum and aluminum siding painting
  • Cedar painting
  • Steel or metal painting
  • Shingle painting
  • Stucco painting, etc.

Why do you need professional painters?

A homeowner can not do everything. Sometimes they need experts to do certain things. You may paint your own house, but there are a few shortcomings you have to face. Professional painters possess all types of painting instruments, tools, and equipment for their job, but an individual does not have all. There are numerous reasons to call professional painters. Here are a few of them:

  • Professional painters are time-efficient. They know techniques to do the painting work quickly and perfectly.
  • They know how you can achieve a long-lasting painting. The long-lasting result depends on proper prep work, and professional painters have the mastery to do that.
  • They are aware of how much paint coating your property needs. They can give your property the best quality finishes.
  • If you want to paint your home by yourself, you have to deal with toxic ingredients of paints and messy cleanups. Rather hire professional painters and get rid of these stresses.
  • You may have a bad choice of color or you are confused to choose the right one. Professional painters can help you to get the proper color for your home.


At All Painting services, we realize that various homeowners have different moods and colors they want whenever they ask themselves, “who are the best painters near me?” They want to see their mood displayed in colors. They crave to have a single color or a combination of colors that truly define what they feel, think, or advocate. We know all these and always go a step further to ensure that we deliver the best services that exceed their expectation. We’ve mastered how to manipulate colors and pull up the aesthetics of any space by adding new coats of colors.  Our team knows that one of the best things any homeowner could do to their home is to add a fresh coat of color to their interior or exterior. It doesn’t just transform any building but freshen it up and make it more appealing. We’re one of the best Toronto painters you can count on for significant painting transformation. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Every brand will say, “Call us or contact us for residential and commercial painting,” but not everyone can give you the best value for your resources. With a wide range of painting companies to select from, it can be quite hard to make an ideal choice based on only research. We stand out from the pack when it comes to any paint job, and that’s why our positive customer reviews keep reaching for the sky. 

Our Painting Procedure

If you have made up your mind to paint your home or office space, here is what you need to do next.

You have to get a free quote first

Our painting procedure for any spaces starts from here. First, You have to communicate with us for a quotation, we will give you a free quote afterward. You can communicate with us by calling us at (phone).

Premises assessment

You have done your part successfully, now it is time to do the rest of the parts. Before booking and agreement, our painting expert will pay a visit to your premises, analyze the area, analyze your needs, give consultation to you, analyze your opinion and finally make a painting estimation. The estimation will reflect everything we discussed. Then an agreement will take place.

Booking for a start

After the estimation and agreement process, we will fix a proper date to start the painting project. 

Must needed prep work

The day we will start our project, we will prepare your property for painting work. Prep work is necessary to get the best result. Proper prep work will give you a long-lasting painting. We will start our prep work by covering the area with drop sheets and masking hardware and built-ins with plastic and paper. Covering will help us to protect your area and hardware from dirt and paint stains. After that, we will fix the cracks, fill the holes, sand the surfaces, prime, and cleaning your place.

Starting the painting job

After finishing the prep work, we will start our painting work. We will apply two coats of paint. Between the two coatings, there will be a gap for a few hours to let the first coat of paint dry.

Quality check and end the project

When we have finished our painting project, our painting expert will walk around every corner of the painted area to verify everything is done accordingly. Once you are satisfied, we will do our project-ending process by removing drop sheets and unmasking the hardware and built-ins. Then we will clean the area to make it look alike as before.

Many More Reasons Why to choose us

Experienced Team

Our house painting experts are passionate painters in Toronto who have a high level of individual and combined experience in delivering professional painting services. We house experts who understand liability insurance and know what it takes to improve customer experience. We use high-quality, low-odor and quick-dry paints for deck staining, spray painting, and other home painting services.

Quality and Reliable Home Painting

No matter the scope of your project, we’ll draw on our exceptional painting experience; we’ll deliver an amazing job that is well done in line with your particular requirements. Whether you’re looking for a home renovation company to paint your office block or an industrial complex, our team will wow you.

Fast and Efficient Painting

We realize that you can’t stop your business activities completely for long for wallpaper removal or even painting in Toronto. So, we strive to offer a great job quickly without any need for amendments. All Painters offer a free estimate and deliver impeccable customer service swiftly.

Modern Painting Solutions

Our Toronto painters offer modern residential, and commercial painting services that are sure to stand the test of time. We take time to make proper background checks and color consultations to ensure we offer almost lifetime satisfaction. 

Significant Attention to Detail

Whether the painting is for interior or exterior, every part of the paintable area carries equal significance. Skipping one small area from painting means dimming the beauty significantly. That’s why every detail is important and our painters have the dedication to keep eye on every single and small detail.

Eco-Friendly Paint and Materials

One of the finest characteristics of our professional painting services is that we only use eco-friendly paint and painting materials for painting. Either we choose zero-VOC paint or low-VOC paint for painting. So, you can relax about this matter.

Tailored House Painting Services

At All Painting, our Toronto painters offer bespoke solutions to each client. We don’t deliver one-design-suits-all services. So, whether you’re looking for a house painter for your kitchen cabinet painting in North York or someone to help you choose and use amazing paint colors on your structure, we’re your plug. We understand your particular needs, do the prep work, including plaster repair, and tailor our expertise to meet your special needs.

Locally Owned & Operated

All Painting company is locally owned. We live in the same community where we work. We strive to back to our community and follow community standards, laws and codes when delivering our house painting services in Toronto.

Foreman on Every Project

Every man in our team is as good as other team members. However, we dedicate an eloquent and professional foreman with a well-trained crew to each job. The crew will deliver efficiently with a mindset of safety and end goal of adding the spike your home needs through quality painting. Our foreman is always your go-to person during the project. 

Countless Satisfied Clients

While we prioritize safety, we don’t compromise on our customers’ satisfaction. Whether it’s a huge or minor project, you remain the most important concern of our company. We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers, making sure they are excited with the results of their painting project.

Not Just another Toronto Painting Company

When you talk about painting, it’s not just what we do, we know so much about it. Our expertise and knowledge of painting products and application processes is the base of our strong reputation. Having worked with various products, surface materials and having dealt with many property owners, we can answer all the questions you might have, provide better options and deliver the best solution.

Our in-house color consultant can help you make even better color choices.

What you get when you work with our team is always worth more than the resources spent. They include:

  • A well-maintained site from the very first time we arrive at your space, till we leave there.
  • Commitment to our timing and schedule
  • Detailed and written cost implications that flaunt transparency
  • Professional care and protection to your home with some warranties
  • A dedicated project manager that oversees your project and keeps you in the picture
  • Expert knowledge of designs, products and
  • processes to pull off your project

Our Promise

  • Our team leaves nothing behind, and this is why our clients don’t have to fret about equipment or scraps, causing unattractive messes or unexpected accidents.
  • We use strictly high-quality materials on projects to ensure we deliver reliable and long-lasting works.
  • All our employees undergo a series of rigorous training and skill-building processes to ensure you receive just the best.
  • Our warranties are sure to cover you, and this assures our clients that we’re solidly behind our works.

Your satisfaction is our priority, so we go out of our way if need be, to deliver customer services that are sure to wow you anytime.


Anyone could pick up a brush, choose a color or mix colors, and rub them against your walls. But that’s not what you need! When you’re out and ready to transform your space, be it staircase painting, fence painting, brick painting, wallpaper installation, or kitchen cabinet spraying, you need more than just an average painter. You want a brand that understands your personality and the style you want to speak with your colors. This makes it easier to choose the best and matching colors and deliver the best painting process. All painting is fully equipped and skilled to handle all of your painting needs in Toronto.

We stand out because we’ve almost seen it all when it comes to painting. Literally, no matter the project you present to us, as long as it’s a commercial or residential painting, we’re familiar with it. All we’ll do is to tailor our expertise and deliver amazing painting jobs.

Our painting specialists do everything from painting kitchen cabinets to popcorn ceilings, and all that falls in between. We take the lead, and others follow. So when you think of a brand to call upon for premium quality painting services. 

We don’t just want to depict your style and wow you. We want to make everyone who sees your painting, understand your style, and attest to your space’s unmatched aesthetics. Whether it’s a residential space or a commercial building, we’re always available to do what we know best swiftly. 

All painting is one of the best painting service providers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). If you have anything to know or have any questions to ask or have queries regarding painting services, call us at (416)-710-4224 within our business hours, we will reach you as early as possible.

Contact us now to get started!