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With so many Toronto painters in and around Toronto, you want to be sure you engage with the best painting company that money can buy

With All Painting’s unmatched dedication to customers, we stand apart as one of the best Toronto painters and is therefore the perfect choice for any type of painting contractor work you need done. No project is too big or too small for All Painting.

With decades of experience, we know the dramatic impact professional painting can have on a building. With the perfect color combinations and attention to detail, All Painting is the painting contractor of choice in Toronto to add stunning curb appeal to your home or present a fresh new look for your business and any commercial premises.

Painting is one of the easiest, and most economical, and convenient ways to transform your living space and the ambience of your home.  All Painting is the perfect painting contractor in Toronto to help you personalize your home and give your home that eye catching curb appeal.

You do not need to launch an entire search amongst the Toronto painters to find the best painting contractor, because All Painting already ticks all the boxes. 


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Interior painting is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to change the look and feel of your home or office environment.

For perfect customized interior painting services, you have to contact All Painting for a free quote.

Our professional interior painting services are ideal for all types of properties. 

Our experienced workforce is  ready for any interior painting project.

Contact All Painting for a free quote for professional, value for money interior painting services.


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Do you have residential exterior painting in Toronto that needs to be done?

All Painting is the best exterior painting contractor that boast with years of experience and a professional workforce at your service.

Home exterior painting requires more than just a coat of paint to ensure your residential painting looks great and add value to your property.

All Painting will ensure that your exterior painting project is dealt with in a professional way, with all the required preparation work is done in the correct manner.

This way you are certain that your residential exterior painting project is durable and provide you with value for money.   


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You can trust All Painting with your residential painting project.

Known to be one of the best-rated home painters in Toronto, you can not afford not to contact them for a free quotation.

Knowing that All Painting have more than 20 years of experience in the home painting industry in Toronto, you have the peace of mind that they do not approach a project with a “one size fits all” approach.  Effort is made to entertain the ideas and visualizations of clients regarding custom home painting.

If home paining in Toronto is on your to do list, make sure that All Painting gives you a free, no obligation quotation.  Soon you will realize that they are the home painting professionals that will help you to reflect your unique style preferences and vision for your home painting project. 


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If you are searching for a commercial painter, Toronto have plenty to offer. The question should be if you contacted the right commercial painting company for your specific commercial property.

Everyone is capable to hold a painting brush, but not everyone has the skill and expertise to ensure that your commercial painting project is done right.

All Painting provide commercial painting services for all types and sizes of commercial property painting.

If you want to make sure you deal with the best commercial painter in Toronto, contact All Painting to obtain a free quote with no obligation.

You will be able to test their professionalism during the consultation and also how you can go about to have the commercial painting project done with as little as possible disruption during the project. 

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All Painting have teams of professional painters ready with the extensive experience, skills, and equipment to complete your painting project quickly, efficiently, and at reasonable prices. With more than 20 years in the painting industry, our dedication to customer service sets us apart from the many other Toronto painters.  


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Every brand will say, “Call us or contact us for residential and commercial painting,” but not everyone can give you the best value for your resources.


With a wide range of painting companies to select from, it can be quite hard to make an ideal choice based on only research.


We stand out from the pack when it comes to any paint job, and that’s why our positive customer reviews keep telling our story.

Why do you need professional painters?

All Painting is the solution you have been waiting for. With the best equipment and the relevant experience to complete your paintwork with a long-lasting result that looks amazing, you can rely on All Painting to provide the professional paint solution you want. By contacting All Painting, you are employing a top-rated painting contractor. The benefits include:

  • Time-efficient – Professional painters have the equipment to complete paintwork quickly. Proper planning and access to equipment prevent unnecessary delays.
  • Achieve Durable Results – With years of experience at your disposal, our professional painters achieve long-lasting results when using the correct products, preparation and application techniques.
  • Expert Product Knowledge – All Painting calculates the appropriate materials and quantities required to complete the work, reducing wastage and saving on expenses.
  • Stress-free – All Painting will take care of all the work. Surface preparation, protecting furniture and floors and cleaning up will all be taken care of when using a professional painting contractor like All Painting. 
  • Color Coordination – With years of experience, All Painting can offer professional input in colour choices and help achieve the perfect ambience you desire for your space.


    All Painting is ready to embark on a journey with you to achieve your envisioned result and rejuvenate the appeal of your residence or commercial properties. We provide a free quote for any paintwork for interior and exterior buildings. Our skills and experience make All Painting the perfect painting company in Toronto. Let us transform your home’s curb appeal and bring new colours into your home. With our guidance, knowledge and experience, we can deliver your vision for living spaces or office buildings. With carefully selected colour coordination, let All Painting transform kitchen cabinets and staircases, inviting a new atmosphere into your home. All Painting is the perfect painting contractor in Toronto to help you personalize a dull or outdated home or office environment into a modern and stylish showpiece. All Painting can create the space you will enjoy spending time in.

    How It Works

    All Painting makes the sometimes daunting task of painting your home or business easy with our easy-to-understand work process.

    Start With a Free Quote

    Our painting procedure for any spaces starts from here. First, You have to communicate with us for a quotation, we will give you a free quote afterward. You can communicate with us by calling us at 416 710 4224

    Premises Assessment

    One of our painting experts will meet you as scheduled. During the visit, we discuss the painting project in detail. Our complimentary consultation will include color selection and an assessment of the surface areas. We will answer any questions and provide valuable insights throughout the consultation. We will then compile a comprehensive and all-inclusive quote.

    Scheduling When To Start

    When the quote is accepted, we enter into an agreement with you and schedule the project start date. 

    Start Painting

    All Painting achieves the best results by following product manufacturer instructions carefully. We plan for and allow the appropriate dry time between coats. We deliver durable and beautiful results by applying at least two coats of paint.

    Quality Check & Cleaning

    All Painting performs a quality inspection as part of the final steps in our painting process by checking every surface to ensure a perfect result. When you are satisfied with the results, we will tidy up the space and remove all debris, drop sheets and protective plastic from your home or office. All Painting will leave the work site clean and looking fabulous.

    Many More Reasons Why to Choose Us


    Experienced Team

    All Painting was established 20 years ago and delivers top-quality results in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our painters are qualified professionals and work under the guidance of a site supervisor on every project. Our painters have years of combined experience to take on any paintwork. We know our products and only use high-quality, low-odour and quick-drying paints and stains.

    Quality and Reliable Home Painting

    All Painting is committed to giving our customers great value for their money. We use high-quality paints and materials to ensure durable results and a flawless finish. Regardless of the size and scope of a project, we are reliable and dedicated to our clients. Our friendly painters are the perfect choice for any paintwork in Toronto.

    Fast and Efficient Painting

    All Painting is perfectly equipped to handle any paint work for residential and commercial properties. We use the latest technology and industry techniques to complete the painting work quickly and efficiently. Our professional painters are well trained and experienced and work diligently to keep to the schedule and complete the project within the project time frame.

    Modern Painting Solutions

    All Painting is familiar with the latest products and techniques in the painting industry. Our painters and consultants know how to achieve what you envision at your home or commercial property. We can deliver the latest trending styles, a classic and timeless ambiance or anything in between. 

    Significant Attention to Detail

    All Painting knows the secret to perfect results lies in meticulous preparation, using the best quality materials, and paying attention to the finer details. Our professional painters are exceptionally skilled and deliver clean lines on doorways and trims, ensuring all painted surfaces are well-rounded to leave a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing finish.

    Eco-Friendly Paint and Materials

    All Painting cares about sustainability. We use zero-VOC or low-VOC paint during all our painting projects. We properly dispose of waste materials to ensure we protect the environment and our work is as eco-friendly as possible from start to finish.

    Tailored House Painting Services

    All Painting is the painting contractor of choice in Toronto. We offer an all-inclusive service for your residential painting requirements. During a consultation with you, we ensure we meet all your expectations. From your home’s interior to the exterior, including the garage and patio, we will offer a custom solution to meet all your desires.

    Locally Owned & Operated

    All Painting was established in Toronto more than 20 years ago. We are familiar with the local laws and municipal codes. All Painting is locally owned and operated, meaning we are familiar with the weather and its influence on buildings and painting materials.

    Foreman on Every Project

    All Painting believes in the expertise of our professional painters. In addition, we have a qualified and experienced foreman on every site to ensure the work gets done on time, safety is taken care of, and our painters have everything they need. The foreman is always available to our clients for any questions you might have during the painting project.

    Countless Satisfied Clients

    All Painting always focuses on what our clients want. Everything we do at the work site is to achieve our customer’s desired outcomes. We do everything to ensure the paintwork gets completed quickly, professionally and safely. Countless customers attest to our commitment to them in their reviews and the top-rated feedback we receive.

    Not Just another Toronto Painting Company

    All Painting stands apart from all painting contractors in Toronto with our exceptional commitment to our customers. With many great reviews received over the years from customers, you can be sure we commit every effort to deliver the painting solutions you dream of.

    All Painting offers more than just painting of walls, cabinets and stairs. Our in-house color consultants will help you select the perfect color combinations and paint finishes achieving your desired result.

    With All Painting, you can expect exceptional teamwork from our company. Every employee at All Painting works together to give you the following:

    • A well-maintained and safe site from the moment we start work up to the day we complete the project.
    • An unwavering commitment to adhere to the schedule as planned.
    • A clear and detailed estimate, fully transparent and no hidden costs or charges.
    • Professional care and protection of your home, furniture and fittings.
    • A dedicated project manager to keep things on schedule and open communication throughout the painting process.
    • Expert knowledge in design options, product ranges and application technologies available in the painting industry today.

      Our Promise

      All Painting is fully committed to our customers and undertakes the following:

      • We leave every work site in an immaculate condition.
      • We only use high-quality products to ensure a reliable and durable result.
      • Our employees receive rigorous training and skill-building processes to ensure professional results when we undertake your painting project.
      • Our commitment to our customers is evident in the high quality work, fast response, and budget friendly delivered.

      With All Painting, you can rest assured knowing that delivering high-quality results to every customer is our ultimate goal. We are proud to link our name and reputation to the durable and flawless results you can expect from us.



      When embarking on the sometimes intimidating task of painting your home or business, you need a contractor committed to you and what you desire. Painting a residence or business without proper knowledge and equipment can lead to costly mistakes when products fail and take up much of your valuable time and energy. 

      All Painting has established a reputation for reliable and quality service in Toronto’s painting industry over the last 20 years. With 5-star ratings and glowing reviews from previous customers, you can rely on our dedication to deliver what we promise.

      Our services extend beyond just painting a wall. With teams of professional painters available, we are experts in painting every surface imaginable in your home or commercial property. Our equipment is modern and well-maintained. Our painters deliver quality results with their skilled techniques. From kitchen cabinets, aluminum sidings, doors, windows, trims and wood patios, no task is too great or small from All Painting.

      Contact us now to get started!