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One of the parts of any house that makes it a home is the kitchen. Every homeowner knows the great purpose their kitchens serve them. At times, it becomes a difficult task to choose the right color and apply them to kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet painting in Toronto is one project that will make you applaud yourself for picking an expert when you see the result. All Painting is a reputable home painter in Toronto, and we’re proud to let you know that kitchen cabinet painting is one of the services we render passionately.

Having held several consultation sessions with homeowners looking to paint their cabinets and handling several painting projects successfully, we can say a common with most homeowners. They say renovating and painting kitchen cabinets can be quite time-consuming and complicated in most cases. We understand this fully and are committed to taking the entire stress off your shoulder. Just call on us and watch us deliver and show you why we’re known as the best.


Recreate the Look of Your Kitchen Cabinets with Colors

No matter how cool and appealing your kitchen cabinets look, there comes a time when you’d seem to get tired of their looks. Sometimes, it becomes somewhat a dull feeling to wake up to the same kitchen cabinets. But here’s something for you; you don’t have to pay to install an entirely new kitchen. With the right cabinet refinishers in Toronto, you can recreate your kitchen’s look and make it all unique again.

However, refinishing your kitchen cabinets is one project that requires skilled craftsmanship and work. So, you wouldn’t want to assign your project to just anyone. This is why it’s best to come to us for the best kitchen cabinet painters in Toronto. We have mastered all it takes to recreate your kitchen’s look and ambiance by refinishing your cabinets. Whether your project requires painting your cabinets in place or removing and painting them in the garage, we can handle everything.

We understand how inconvenient this project might be to homeowners who already inhabit. That’s why we go far and above to deliver swiftly so they can get back to their kitchen in no distant time. We’d be glad to handle this project for property owners who wish to have the transition areas of their kitchen painted after cabinet painting.


Our Kitchen Cabinet Painting refinishing in Toronto Includes these:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Built-in shelving
  • Laminate cabinets
  • Solid wood cabinets
  • Frameless cabinets
  • Base cabinets
  • Base cabinets
  • And many more


Kitchen Cabinet refinishing Painting Process

If you are determined to paint your kitchen cabinet and you hired us, these are the steps we will follow to make it happen:

Primary Preparation

Before we start our painting work, we will do on-site preparation work. 

  • We will secure the kitchen area with plastic, drop sheets and paper so that it is secured from over painting. 
  • Then we will take down all doors, hardwares and drawers of the cabinet. 
  • We will clean all the greases and dirt from the cabinet.

Primary painting procedure

  • In this stage we will apply a light coat of primer in doors and built-ins. Let it dry for a few hours.
  • Filling cracks and holes of the cabinet with wood filler.
  • By using sand paper, we will sand the cabinet bones lightly to eliminate debris. Then we will do micro fiber cleaning.
  • Then we will apply a lacquer coat 2-3 times.

Final preparation

Before the final painting procedure, the cabinets of the kitchen will go through the final preparation process.

  • Cabinets will have chemical wash to eliminate contaminants.
  • To make cabinet surfaces smooth, we will sand the cabinets. 

Final painting procedure

  • We will apply 2 coats of paint on all doors, drawers and built-ins. To give doors, and drawers a factory finish, we will use the spray painting booth.
  • Between the two coats, a light sanding will be applied.
  • After completion, all cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware will be de-masked reinstalled.
  • Then drop sheets, papers and plastic will be wiped from the kitchen and we will give the kitchen a final cleaning.


Why is painting kitchen cabinets beneficial?

If you end up painting your kitchen cabinet, you are going to enjoy numerous benefits. Such as:

  • If you are looking to replace the kitchen cabinet, you surely will spend lots of money on this. But if you paint your kitchen cabinet, it will only take a few percentages of replacing cost. Kitchen cabinet painting has less labor costs, less material costs, that’s why painting is more affordable than kitchen cabinet replacing.
  • You will have complete access to the kitchen cabinet during the painting process. You can use your cabinet anytime.
  • The painting will give you a taste of kitchen cabinet renovation. Your kitchen cabinet will become brand new and fresh again after painting. Not only that, painting makes the cabinet durable. If the cabinet is painted with spray painting, your kitchen cabinet will get the factory finish look.
  • Modern-day paint uses low VOC material in their paint. It is eco friendly paint as well as does not have any harmful odors. So, you can easily use the paint at your home.
  • You can modernize the kitchen cabinet by painting. You do not have to go through lots of costs like replacing cabinets. Use a lot of different colors for your cabinet to bring the spicy and uniqueness. It will make a great impact on the kitchen space.
  • The painting will not disrupt your daily activities as much as replacing does. It is a very fast painting process.
  • The vibrant color and cleanliness of the kitchen cabinet add super value to the overall value of your home. It increases the selling value. Kitchen cabinet painting is a small investment that will pay off with higher value.
  • Cabinet painting is a great opportunity to give the cabinet a full detail cleaning. Painting allows you to clean the stuck grease, grime, and dirt of the cabinet sufficiently and properly.

What Makes Us Different From Others

The kitchen cabinet carries too much detail and painting it requires so much attention and patience to bring the best. All painting possesses some unique characteristics which make us different from others. Let’s have a look at why we are the best:

Great Customer Dealing

Our clients are our topmost priority and we always try to provide our best. Whenever you call us, we are ready to answer your queries promptly. We do not have any type of pushy sales strategy. We only discuss what matters to you and us.

Reliable professional painters

Our painters are our biggest asset. Behind our mammoth success, their hard work, skill, honesty, punctuality is the main contributor. Apart from that, they are highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced painters. We do not work with any subcontractor, whatever we do, we do it ourselves.

Precise cost estimation

Sometimes people fear over-estimation and hidden charges. While you are with All painting, you rest assured that you won’t get any over-estimation and hidden charges. When we make the estimation, we visit the home and then we analyze every detail. We always create accurate cost estimation, nothing less, nothing more.

Top class materials

We only rely on high-quality materials for the best painting outcome. There is no compromise for painting quality from our end, we are promised to deliver the best. Top-quality paint is the one we always use.

Great attention to detail

Kitchen cabinet painting requires great attention to detail. Because the kitchen cabinet carries too many details. Our expert painters are sincere in the painting kitchen cabinet.

100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We only can satisfy you when we will be able to deliver the best painting experience. That’s why we always starve for the best and our painters succeed to deliver the best for many years.

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