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Many homeowners are stuck in their kitchen projects. While painting a wall may seem simple, it can be a challenge. It would be great to install new cabinets and counters to rejuvenate the space but it can be prohibitively costly. All Painting of Toronto can provide a more affordable way to update your kitchen: cabinet painting. We can paint your kitchen and save you thousands of dollars. Want to learn more? Call us today to discuss your options. You can even receive a free quote!



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What can we paint?

Our services don’t just stop at cabinets for bowls and dishes! No matter where or how difficult it is to reach, we can paint any cabinet in your home. We can paint beautifully:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Center Islands
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Custom Cabinets
  • There’s more!


We’ll show you how to choose the best option for your taste and budget. Spray painting is our most popular choice. It creates a hard, smooth finish which makes cabinets look brand new. We will take the time to make sure that no blemishes, drips, or smudges are visible. We will also apply several coats in order to make sure that the result is long-lasting results.


    It’s crucial to choose the right company for the job. Painting cabinets can make a big difference to your kitchen or bath. AllPainting wants you to be confident and comfortable that you will get the exact results you want. Below, we answer the most frequently asked questions about cabinet painting. Contact our team if you have any other questions! We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

    What is the difference between cabinet refinishing and repainting?

    Repainting, as the name implies, is simply a new coat of paint. Refinishing is a more complex process that involves cleaning, sanding, and spackling, before the actual resurfacing. All Painting recommends painting as it’s more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Refinishing doors or cabinets can be a good option if the style is not what you want. Our estimators will help you decide which method will provide the desired results at a price that fits your budget.

    How long does it take to repaint a cabinet?

    Project by project, the timeline can vary greatly. The timeline depends on a number of factors, including the size and quantity of cabinets, and whether or not you are painting the surface. Refinishing is more expensive and takes longer than painting. How you paint the cabinets will also affect how long it takes. Spray painting cabinets, even though we use multiple coats of paint, can take less time than a brush-and-roll technique. Our estimator will give you an idea of the anticipated project time frame.

    What are you waiting for? Get your kitchen cabinets painted today!

    Do you want your kitchen cabinet to look better? Replacing the kitchen cabinet is a remarkably expensive option to choose especially in Toronto. If you choose to paint kitchen cabinets instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, it is the best and cheapest way to beautify the kitchen cabinet. All Painting provides the best kitchen cabinet painting services and other house painting services at an affordable cost. If you are interested in painting your kitchen cabinets, contact us to get a quote today. You can call us at (416)-710-4224 or email us at [email protected], we will reach you as quickly as possible.