Exterior Painting Toronto

Boosting the value and curb appeal of any home has always been the dream of many homeowners. The impact of a fresh and clean coat of paint can never be undermined. That’s why exterior painting remains one of the most significant investments you’d make in your home. When you look at the benefits of getting a perfect exterior painting service, you wouldn’t want to settle for less. This is where All Painting comes to display experience and professionalism.  

Exterior Painting that Creates All the Difference

Having handpicked and the best quality paints in the hands of an expert gives the best results. So, even if you shop for the best colors and do it yourself, you might not get a perfect coating. Ranging from a quick trim touch-up to complete exterior home painting, there is no exterior painting in Toronto that sounds or looks so strange to us.

We know the best way to improve your home’s curb appeal and value is to add a fresh coat of paint or stain. At All Painting, we specialize in painting, of which exterior painting is one of the services we render expertly.


Our Exterior Painting Services in Toronto Covers the Following;

Benefits of painting the exterior

The benefits of doing exterior painting are numerous. Here are some important ones:

  • Exterior painting will give your home a fresh, sharp, and vibrant look. It will increase the resale value.
  • Exterior painting creates a protective layer to protect your walls and surfaces from wind, rain, snow, sleet, and other bad weather.
  • Painting the exterior will help you to identify and solve problems like water stain, mold, mildew which are causing the wood rotting.
  • Repainting exterior prevents staining and peeling of trim and siding surfaces. The mildew, dirt, and other debris should be removed from the siding and trim. As a result, it will help the aluminum siding and trim surface last longer.
  • Repainting will aid to improve indoor air quality. Because the newer paint has fewer off-gases than the older paints.
  • Properly painted exterior gains the ability to prevent moisture damages and keep moisture out which arises from various weather changes and bad weather.
  • Termites and insects can cause serious damages to wood-based houses. If your house exterior is properly painted, it can save your house from exceedingly expensive repair works.


Our Exterior House Painting Process

We strive to tailor our expertise to meet each job’s requirements. No matter how simple or complex the exterior painting project might appear, we have a way of breaking it down and delivering excellently. However, there are basic systems we try to follow. These are more like the basis of our work, upon which other variables sit. 


When you are ready to hire All painting for your exterior painting, we will do the estimation of your exterior.

  • Our staff will go to your home and summon all necessary information.
  • Then we will provide you a forthright estimate for the total job. No hidden fees will be estimated here. There is no guesswork.
  • Then we will make the schedule with a project timeline for exterior painting work. The timeline can be changed due to bad weather or other reasons.


For every exterior painting project we handle, our expert professional painters try to prepare the site and places to be painted. 

  • We start by removing minor debris, fixing minor breakages, sanding to remove the old stain or paint, and possibly power washing to make the surface clean.
  • Using caulk to fill the gaps and holes of the surface or walls to prevent water intrusions.


Here, we apply top-quality primer to finally prepare the surface and make it ready to accept paint or stain.


Finally, we paint or stain the surface with the desired color or color combinations. Depending on the surface and other factors, it could take more coating.

After painting procedures

  • After the end of the scheduled time each day, we clean all materials and tools around the home.
  • After completion of the whole painting work, we will inspect the paint job precisely so that we can ensure top notch quality and your 100% satisfaction.

Our painting services are designed in a way to interrupt your day-to-day activity as minimum as possible. Our every step is completed with extensive attention to detail.

Simple pricing

We believe in simple pricing and whatever pricing will arise will be precise, detailed, and written. Our proposal will contain an outline of the accurate price and our total cost for the paint job. So, no hidden cost will be charged

Which factors affect the exterior painting price?

The cost of exterior painting depends on various factors. Here are a few of them:

  • If your home is bigger, you need more paints and the painters need more time.
  • If the roof shape has a complicated architectural design and is difficult to reach, it will increase the time for painting the roof.
  • Early fall and early summer is the ideal season for exterior painting. That’s why in these seasons, the rush for painting is huge. So, if you are not in a hurry, and you have lots of time for painting. Then you can get a cheap deal.
  • If you are using 2 or 3 colors, then paint wastage won’t occur. But if you want to use 5 or 6 colors, there is a higher possibility of wastage of color and it will cost you more money. 
  • If the preparation work is lengthy due to unorganized areas, time will increase and cost you more bills. 
  • If you want to add an additional primer, your cost will increase.
  • If you want to include more work in the project, the cost will increase.

To get accurate cost information and a free estimate for your exterior painting, do not hesitate to call us at (phone) or email us at (email address)

Why should you hire Allpainting for your exterior painting?

Exterior painting requires lots of preparation work, repair work before starting the painting procedure, unlike interior painting. While we are here for you to paint your exterior, you do not need to worry after you hire us. There are numerous reasons that make us better than others. Here are a few of them:

Consultation for paint color

Choosing the right color is not an easy thing to do. You might end up choosing the wrong one. But, All painting can make things easy for you. It will be a privilege if we sit with you and consult you regarding picking the color which will work well for your house. 

Highly skilled and experienced painters in Toronto

Our skilled painters are our biggest asset and we have some excellent professional painters who are experienced in exterior painting as well. They know how to perfect the painting work with less error. You can trust our painters without any hesitation.

High quality exterior painting

It is our job to deliver premium quality painting service to our valuable clients. When you choose us, you can rest assured about our quality and let us impress you with our work.

Best quality materials

If the material is not the best, then it is impossible to bring out the best in painting and make it remain the best in the long run. So, to give the best painting service, we use the best materials.

Perfect Prep work

Preparation work is a prerequisite for any painting work and only perfect preparation work can result in effective and long-lasting painting. Before our professional painters start the painting work, they will do the preparation work like repairing the scratches, sealing the holes, sanding, etc.

Budget friendly service

You can get our exterior painting service at an affordable price. We will set our cost estimation after we visit your home and observe your home. There is guesswork in making the estimation and no hidden charge. You will get the best quality service at a very cheap rate.

After painting cleaning

We just do not leave everything scattered and uncleaned after painting work. It may cause a negative impact. We treat every client’s home like our home. After each painting work, we clean sanding dirt, paint garbage, and painting stains completely.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our all interior and exterior painting services are customer-focused and customer satisfaction is our ultimate target. We will reflect on what you want. We will prioritize your opinion in every aspect if needed.

Choose The Best Toronto Exterior Painters

When you hire All painting as your painter, you have done your part and whatever comes after that it is our responsibility to deliver a premium quality paint job. Our dexterous painters are capable of delivering you exceptional painting experiences. All painting is now recognized as the most trusted painting service provider in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for a dependable exterior painting service provider, All painting is ready to serve you.

Get a free quote today!

We provide our exterior painting service in the Toronto and Greater Toronto area with utmost professionalism and care. We treat every client’s home as our home and we do not compromise on our service quality. If you have any questions, queries and you want to know any information, feel free to communicate with us. You can call us at (phone) or email us at (email address), we will communicate with you within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of painting my home’s exterior?

A good quality paint gives your home walls a primary defense. It will protect your exterior walls from sun, rain, snow, and many more. If it is maintained well, it will help you to prevent the walls from the probable damage for a longer period of time.

What is the best time to paint the exterior?

Many people ask, Can you paint my exterior in rainy weather? or Can exterior painting be done in cold weather?

So, the answer is, rainy weather and cold weather is not ideal to do the exterior painting. Rather, early fall or early summer is the ideal time for exterior painting.

What is the difference between exterior paint and interior paint?

Exterior paint is used to counteract mildew, fading, damping, etc. On the other hand, interior paint is used to counteract staining, scrubbing, etc. Interior paint is easily washable with household items like clothes.

Can I use interior paint on the exterior?

Though both exterior paint and Interior paint look the same, exterior paint has a mechanism that can fight rough weather conditions, but interior paint does not have that mechanism up to their level. And the interior does not give the right level of protection as the exterior paint does.

How should I prepare for my exterior painting project?

When you are intended for exterior painting, you have to make sure the external area the painters will use is free from major obstructions. You must not keep your pets in the external area.


Our other services

As a painting service company, Exterior painting is not our only business. We also provide:

  • Interior painting: condominium painting, kitchen cabinet painting, drywall repair, staircase painting and staining, wallpaper removal and installation.
  • Commercial painting