Exterior Front Door Refinishing

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Exterior front doors are an essential part of any building. Residents get to meet it first whenever they want to enter their homes. Likewise, visitors set their eyes on it once they get into your space. Apparently, it experiences a lot of traffic as well as exposure to various weather conditions. Exterior doors get all the sun effects, inclement weather, and even dampness. These make their colors fade away with time, and sometimes lead to the deterioration of the door itself. But there’s good news. You can call on us for an expert exterior front door refinishing in Toronto.

How often your exterior door requires refinishing depends on the quality of its original paint and the level of exposure it has to weather elements. Once you notice your door varnish is cracked, dry, peeling, or blistered, it requires a new coat of paint. If left unattended, the moisture could penetrate the wood and even cause more damage to the wood itself. So, if you’re ready to keep your door shining year in year out, reach out to All Painting. We’ll do the magic for you.

Why Property Owners Choose Us for their Exterior Front Door Refinishing

When it comes to preserving the beauty of your door and protecting it, you need more than an average painter. Most of them take on painting processes that protect your door for just a few months. At All Painting, we deliver stellar results that give 8-10 times better results.

When you choose us for your front door refinishing in Toronto, you’re sure to get more sanding, better customization, more coats, and protection for your door. We sand a damaged area very well to ensure even staining is achieved. At All Painting, we apply customized paint to blend as much with the previous paint color on your door. With ample drying time in between, we apply more than just one coat of paint before we complete your project. This ensures that your wood gets the best quality protection.

Customized Exterior Front Door Refinishing

At All Painting, we believe that no two projects are the same. In fact, the requirements of each client differ. So, we pay close attention to their requirements and deliver even beyond their expectations.  Basically, we’ll have to remove hinge pins as it’s easier to impact proper sanding and refinishing on a flat object. Next, we remove doors from hinges. Once the hinge pins are out, we off the hinges carefully so we don’t damage the floor. Gently, we move your door to clean space for proper sanding and refinishing.

We can sand off the worn-out finishing, preparing it for the new and quality refinishing.

All Painting is a leading brand you can trust when it comes to painting. Our experts have mastered the art of refinishing exterior doors for clients in Toronto. We go far and above to ensure that we deliver solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Contact us now to give your exterior door a new and stunning look.