A string of graffiti depicting racist messages and arson has shaken the Perinton community.

The Perinton community is shocked as authorities investigate and respond to racist graffiti and arson incidents over the past weekend. Town officials say they’re upset and shocked by the recent events.

Stephanie Duprey of News10NBC spoke with the arson victims. They said they feared for their lives.

The family members would not go on camera for safety reasons. One family member says they feel targeted and don’t know why.

“It was a real shock to get the call,” said Town Supervisor, Ciaran Hanna. “It’s not acceptable and this isn’t something we will ever accept from our community.”

When the community is shaken by vandalism and arson, it can seem like nothing can bring relief. But with a renewed focus on safety initiatives and respectful dialogue, things will begin to improve. Recently, the village of Perinton has been recovering from a wave of back-to-back violence since early Friday morning when police responded to two reports in which two people spray-painted racial slurs onto a car and garage. The suspects managed to run off towards Mason Road.

“We searched all night but we failed to capture those guys,” Capt. Scott Alberti said, with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

But surveillance footage from the complex did.

Alberti said, “We have two possible suspects. Investigators are still analyzing that video closely.”

Police say they found evidence of arson in a Saturday morning fire on Mason Road, which is located near Church of the Resurrection. The arsonist has been tagging buildings with graffiti, including one that says “White Power”. He’s also tagged Church of the Resurrection with his signature swastika and racially charged language.

“Based on the proximity and similar time frame, the homeowners and the church sign are likely the same suspects,” Alberti said.

Investigators say they believe Saturday’s arson following graffiti at the church are connected. However, they’re still not sure if there is any other connection with Friday’s vandalism. Anyone with information is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.