Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Toronto Painters Instead Of Painting Your House Yourself

Whether you own a home or a business, there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven up your building’s interior and exterior walls, ceilings, stairs, and cabinetry. You may be tempted to slap it on by yourself. After all, what do you need but the paint, some brushes, and a sheet to keep the floor clean?

Unfortunately, painting is not that easy breezy. It’s a difficult job that requires a lot of strength and stamina. It also necessitates a lot of prior prep work that property owners who are in a hurry may not take the time to do properly.

If you’re looking to undergo some intense painting in your home or business, you should hire professional Toronto painters instead of painting it yourself. Here are the top 4 reasons why.

1.      A Professional Painter Doesn’t Skip The Prep Work

You might be tempted to cut corners when it comes to prepping your space for painting. For example, you may think, “My hand is steady enough to paint around the light switch panel, I don’t need to tape it off.” You may even decide that you can simply paint over the panel! No one will ever know!

Trust us, they will know.

A professional painter, on the other hand, doesn’t skip the prep work. They remove light switch panels and wall hangings, put plastic coverings on the furniture, and cover the floor with drop sheets. They tape off built-ins and hardware.

Professional painters also go beyond taping and covering. They fill in holes and cracks, sand the surfaces that they’re about to paint, and prime everything to ensure a nice, clean finish at the end.

2.      A Professional Painter Chooses The Best Paint

There are so many brands and types of paint out there that you it can all seem daunting to an amateur. But a professional painter chooses only the best kind of paint for your home.

For example, at All Painting, we use only eco-friendly paints that contain either zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or low amounts of VOCs. That means it’s good for the environment as well as you and your family to live and breathe around it.

3.      A Professional Painter Is Fast And Efficient

As an amateur painter, you may find yourself working slowly and carefully to avoid making any mistakes. A professional painter is quick and efficient, meaning they do their job well and quickly. You’ll be back in your building in no time so you can resume your business or enjoy your home space as soon as possible.

4.      A Professional Painter Cleans Up The Mess

Painting is a tricky job. It’s easy for anyone to make a mess, even a professional. But whereas you’re responsible for the mess you make when you paint your own building, when you hire a professional, they take care of all the paint splatters and blank spots for you.

At All Painting, we perform a quality check after each job to ensure we didn’t miss a thing. Then we remove all the drop sheets, unmask the hardware and built-ins, and clean up the entire area so it looks like we were never there.

The only sign of our presence we leave behind is your fabulous new paint job!

Hiring A Professional Painter Is Just A Free Consultation Away

At All Painting, we pride ourselves on our swift and satisfactory customer service. Your building will look better and more inviting for loved ones or customers than ever after we get our brushes to work. Remember, if you need Toronto home painters or painters for your business, hiring the professionals at All Painting is just a free consultation away! Fill out our contact form to get started.